Do you provide free quotations?

Yes we do! We know that a lot of kitchen companies today are unwilling to provide free quotations but we always strive to offer our potential clients the best possible service and in this respect, providing free quotations is just another way we show that we put our clients first.

Do you charge for consultations?

We do not charge for consultations. We offer expert advice on kitchens, built-in cupboards, vanities and on anything else that we can. Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our consultants and we can get the ball rolling!

Do you come out to measure?

We usually request a house plan and if that is not available, we do send our clients a step by step guide which explains how to go about measuring the room in question. If you are unable to do this and you are not too far out from our factory, we do try to make a plan to come out and measure for you. Usually however, we reserve coming out to measure until final plans have been done and you are willing to go ahead with the project.

Can you give me a few different options when quoting?

We most certainly can. If you are unsure about the price difference between materials we do offer alternate quotations for you to get a better idea of what to budget for your new project. We do however limit the amount of changes to quotations to 3 per client. However, if you are willing to sign off on a quotation and then have changes that need to be made, we will gladly make changes to both designs and quotations until you are satisfied.

Do you give out your floorplans?

Unfortunately, we do not give out our floorplans without a signed contract but we would love to have you come into our showroom so that your consultant can do a walkthrough of the project with you and explain anything regarding the quotation and designs. We often find it easier if you come through and see the showroom for yourself so that you can touch, feel and see the products to get a better understanding of what we are offering you.

How long does it take to process my order and go ahead with installation after my first payment has been made?

Installation takes place 2-6 weeks after the 50% deposit has reflected in our account. We allow up to 6 weeks for materials that might need to be shipped in (Eg. Niemann) but our consultants constantly communicate with you so that you are aware on what the schedule is looking like.


How long will it take to draw up a quotation for me?

If the project you would like us to quote on is small (eg. Just a kitchen or maybe a kitchen with 1-2 bedroom cupboards) we are able to provide a quotation within the 24-48 hour mark. For full house quotations, please allow the consultant 3-4 day.


Can I get the units from Palmin, but have my own team come and collect the items and do the installation themselves?

You are more than welcome to go with this approach. We will gladly provide the material for the project. Just ensure that the consultant you are working with is aware of this to ensure that we do not charge you for delivery / installation to make sure that you are able to compare prices correctly.